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Saucecode was established in 2016 in recognition of, firstly, market need for a dedicated Development house that could supply consistent development skills and experience to the corporate market and, secondly, as a logical focused extension of a number of highly motivated people, individually each with a long history in Development, Business and Process Management and Marketing. The combination of these skills brought together a broad range of development frameworks, solutions and ideas which provide the core of the business.

Web and Native app development

We specialise in conceptualising and developing custom applications that empower your teams, build your communities and grow your business.  Our team will find the best way to provide you with an application design and build to ensure that your data gets where it needs to go . Native Mobile and Progressive Web Application development<

Software Development

You see an amazing opportunity in the market and you need to make it happen – quickly, affordably and scalably. Services provided in various languages and systems. Data, Process and Community management Web Application development. App and API architecture


Data Visualisation

We’ll harness the power of data visualisation to help you share your message Communication gets a massive boost when info is transformed from complex and baffling into a visual format that allows your audience to ‘get it at a glance’. We create stunning and pragmatic data visualisations that will help you and your customers to make sense of it all

  • IOT – Internet of things
  • Rapid prototyping of solutions.
  • Microservices development.
  • Complete workflows, from persona’s and IA’s through to prototypes.
  • Geo-fencing services and solutions
  • AI and Robotics
  • Advanced web app development and integration with 3rd party APIs and Systems.
  • Environment provisioning and management.
  • Deployment and Continuous Integration Services
  • Distributed Software and API development
  • Architecting and developing modern API’s over legacy solutions 
  • Maintaining and scaling of existing solutions.
  • App Store Distribution.
  • Payment gateway integrations and management

User Experience

Effortless UX and UI can be critical to the success (or failure) of your brand’s online presence.We understand the importance of straightforward interfaces, intuitive navigation, and an online experience that makes engaging with your brand a pleasure for users…

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Imagine being able to immerse your clients and customers into a virtual world where they can engage directly with your brand. Location and Tracking services architecting and development


Tistro™: an awesome productivity measurement tool.

this app shows you key aspects of your company via clear and concise graphical representation and the analysis thereof. Therefor enables businesses to evaluate, process and enhance decision making across many areas of the organization. Read more...

> The team

Saucecode has a dedicated and carefully selected team of experts built from long standing associations in the software development and business environment that share a vision of software that directly enhances business methodologies, productivity and cost savings. They encompass many decades of combined experience in IT Business Services, Business Management, Software Development and Distribution, Financial Services, Digital Advertising Media, Web and Social Media Platforms.

> Robotics

Robotic applications are built to specifically eliminate the need for repetitive time consuming functions carried out by expensive human resources, improving on accuracy speed and cost giving enhanced efficiencies – easily programmed to achieve desired goals and distribute across multiple areas of functionality business. AI is integrated into reproducible functional bots creating an intelligence support that enhances data analysis. Typically taking distributed data sources including info from bots, Internet and other large data sources, transforming dark data into useful information – results are fed back to bots to give them seemed intelligence limiting human interaction and resource wastage, while achieving desired goals and expected outcomes.

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