< the team />

< the Team />

The way we work together The core team of I.D.I. have worked together over an extended period of time and across a number of digital industries providing solutions through the development of products and application. The team itself consists of a number of highly experienced individuals spanning decades of experience in channel development, product and solution development, forensic analysis, banking and commerce, marketing and exposure of product to the broader market via distribution and the Value Add Reseller Partner channels.

  • Barry Buck : Chief Technical Officer

    The MVP

  • Brian Little : Chief Operating Officer

    The Ring leader

  • Tobi French : Roboteur Certified Dev

    The new Guy

  • Mo Karodia : Sales Manager South African Region

    The Rainmaker

  • Wessel Viljoen : Roboteur Certified Developer

    The Dev

  • Dian Potgieter : Roboteur Certified Developer

    The other Developer

  • Juan van Dyk : Roboteur Certified Developer

    The other other Developer

  • Keneilwe Mogotlane : Roboteur Certified Developer

    The Girl Developer

  • Graham Fry : I.D.I International Shareholder

  • Richard Kolodinski: I.D.I International Marketing