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Automation for everyone

Automating the work you already do on a computer shouldn’t be complex or expensive, yet the industry status quo would have you believe Robotic process automation requires experts, training courses and enterprise scale contracts to even get started.

Novabot is different.

Novabot arrives batteries included as a simple and embeddable system, developed to be as intuitive as the software we use on a daily basis, that scales or shrinks to your automation needs.



The web based user interface empowering you to design and control your workflows anywhere, with the following features:

  • Fully featured visual workflow macro editor
  • Cloud storage
  • Monitors to trigger macros, including changes to:
    • File system
    • Cloud storage
    • OS services
    • OS process
  • Schedules to trigger macros on any timezone
  • Real-time workflow notifications and analytics
  • Orchestration of workloads across available machines


The central real-time API server that can run standalone or clustered on Windows 10+, Mac Os and Linux, with the following features:

  • UI Element detection and screen reading from screenshots for intelligent automation.
  • Workload orchestration across multiple machine roles
  • File System and OS automation and monitoring
  • Cloud storage hosting and automation


The vanguard of Desktop automation, Novabots are standalone installations on Windows 7+ 32/64bit, Mac OS and Linux desktop flavors that actuate the following features:

  • Application and Window automation and monitoring
  • Keyboard and mouse automation and monitoring
  • OS automation and monitoring
  • Command line automation and monitoring
  • File system automation and monitoring
  • Upload and Download automation


The wards of machine automation, multiple NovaServices can run on a single Windows 7+ 32/64bit, Mac OS or Linux machines and are more lightweight than Novabots boasting the following features:

  • OS automation and monitoring
  • Command line automation and monitoring
  • File system automation and monitoring
  • Upload and Download automation


Does Novabot automate feature X?
Novabot currently ships with only the features listed above. Novabot is a pluggable and modular platform that can be extended. Contact us about feature requests.
Is there a Developer SDK for NovaServices?
Currently the Novabot SDK is available for Node.js only. A Python SDK is on the product roadmap
Is NovaStudio available as a Desktop Application?
NovaStudio is currently a Web App only, an offline-first Desktop version is on the product roadmap


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